Ways to Support Keystone

Help Make Joyful Learning Available to All Children

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How Can You Help?

As a 501(c) 3 non-profit entity, there are several ways to help Keystone provide excellent Montessori practice to more children.

  1. Our general fund provides the means for teacher training, professional development, classroom materials, and building improvements.

  2. The San Lorenzo Fund, a tuition assistance fund, is a long-standing fund that honors Dr. Montessori’s first school. The first Montessori school was established in 1907 in the San Lorenzo district of Rome. The San Lorenzo Fund helps a variety of families gain access to Keystone Montessori School.

  3. Link your VIC card to the Together in Education number for Keystone. Use number 2015. The VIC card needs to be relinked every new school year.

  4. Take advantage of corporate matching gifts through such companies as Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Check to see if your own employer participates in a matching gift program.