The San Lorenzo Fund

A Community That Values Excellent Montessori Practice and Makes it Available to All Children

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Making Montessori Education Accessible to All Children

The first Montessori school was created in 1907 to serve working parents in an impoverished section of Rome. Italy was recovering after a significant period of political and financial unrest, marked by protests, police actions, and economic strife. An unpopular section of the city, the San Lorenzo quarter, became home to many working parents. Unfortunately, while the parents worked, the unsupervised children became involved in mischief and vandalism.

As a means of protecting the children, as well as the neighborhood itself, Dr. Montessori was asked to establish a safe haven for the children, thus the first Casa dei Bambini opened its doors on January 6, 1907 in San Lorenzo.

Given this history, we have created a tuition assistance fund named, The San Lorenzo Fund. This fund will hopefully open the door to Montessori education for more and more children. We believe that education can change the world, and we believe that the Montessori approach is the best method to accomplish this.

Children deserve to learn in a manner that is joyful, logical, effective, and respects their natural development. They should learn in an environment that has been designed to fit their needs. They should learn in an environment of love. All children, regardless of their family’s financial situation, deserve this.