Keystone Staff Directory

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Our School's Team

Our faculty and staff at Keystone Montessori are proud to be part of the growth and development of your child. When choosing members for our team, we look for individuals who share our value of the Montessori method. We are pleased to introduce you to our team.

Hawley Hoggard

Head of School

Allyson Creel

Assistant Head of School

Tricia Ringley

Administrative Assistant

Rachel McCann

Office Assistant

Lara Jacobs

Children's House 1 Teacher

Kristy Tejeda

Children's House 1 Assistant

Teresa Hanlon

Children's House 2 Teacher

Grecia Lucero

Children's House 2 Assistant

Anne O'Keefe

Lower Elementary Teacher

Mindy Goddard

Lower Elementary Assistant

Liv Reska

Staff Assistant

Silvana Wilkin

Staff Assistant